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Update by user May 03, 2015

This complaint has been satisfactorily resolved, Alpha Guru has refunded me the excess baggage fees I had paid.

Alpha Guru has resolved all my concerns, so I am pleased with the outcome. They did correct an error.

Original review posted by user Mar 11, 2015

I want to follow up with my complaint to Alpha Guru and the excess baggage fees I paid, that I was assured I would not have to pay.

I filed a BBB complaint and Alpha Guru's response is I accepted the $600 credit because I paid $500 extra in baggage fees. And the credit does not have an expiration date.

So they feel I have been more than compensated.

WHAT Do I have to have in writing that although I was

disappointed to accept the credit it was with an assumption

that the fare for my next trip would be a bargain, at least a

competitive price discount.

IT WAS NOT! How am I ever to get compensated if Alpha Guru's

prices are over $1000 compared to a competitor. I am not paying

$1000 more to get a $600 credit.

I am getting fleeced. I am getting ripped off. And I am not

a frequent flyer.

Then they went on to say that if I did rescind my comments

online, that are derogatory, they were going to have their

lawyers deal with it.

This is the truth. I have and provided documentation of

AA baggage fees of $500 for excess luggage, Price of ticket

I got for the last trip - which Alpha Guru's price was about $1500 more, and the agent verified in writing that their price was the best they could do and an email saying I should not have had to pay the excess baggage fees of $500.

This is derogatory againt Alph Guru and I strongly disagree that

I have been MORE THAN COMPENSATED. How will I get compensated

and not get ripped off.

BBB Complaint Case# 57312519 (Ref#24-357439-57312519-6-1100)

Better Business Bureau

(510) 844-2950

This reviewer shared experience about pricing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Alpha Flight Guru. The most disappointing about luggage from Alpha Flight Guru was after payment not getting help, flight cost being expensive and given wrong information Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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They set their own prices and PROFITS based on the conversation they have with you at the start of the process to set the budget. Sometimes the published fares are cheaper - but if you don't know where to look then they know they can over charge you .

But then again they try to budget $1000 profit from what they buy the Miles , to what they charge you the customer. So next time you buy a ticket they just charge you $1200 more and let you use your $200 credit - or $1500 more and use your $500-600 credit.

They still make a big profit and you get get raped. If anything goes wrong they just promise you big and big "credits" with AFG, but they just highly mark up your next time Gary is the worst at it so is Steve , but buyer beware of David Garbarskiy deals.

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